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PCSP: Cigarettes stolen in Luke Oil smash and grab

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The Porter County Sheriff’s Police is investigating the burglary on Sunday of the Luke Oil gas station at 151 E. U.S. Highway 6 in Liberty Township.

According to police, at 1:08 a.m. store surveillance cameras caught an unknown make of vehicle enter the property and park on the northeast side of the business, after approaching apparently from southbound South Calumet Ave. The occupant of the vehicle is then seen walking toward the business but--probably scared off by a “large amount of traffic” at that time--returns to the vehicle, police said.

Then, four minutes later, at 1:12 a.m., the subject uses a white garbage can to break the lower part of the front glass door, police said. The subject goes directly to the front counter and begins placing cartons of cigarettes into the white garbage can, and--after filling the can--leaves the store at 1:13 a.m., to flee the scene northbound on North Calumet Ave., police said.

The Luke Oil district manager advised investigators that the suspect probably “has intimate knowledge of the camera system and stocking procedure of the cigarettes,” police said.

The suspect was wearing a green and black plaid long sleeved coat, blue jeans, and tan boots, police said, and his or her head was covered with “some type of clothing material or stock,” knotted at the back of the head. The suspect also wore white or plastic gloves.

Police put damage to the glass door at $200. A total of 34 cartons of various kinds of Marlboro cigarette was stolen, for a total loss of $1,852.66.



Posted 12/23/2013