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One dog kills another in accident Chesterton Police say

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One dog killed another on Friday while one was being walked on a leash and the other was on a lead in front of a residence in the 4100 block of Westwood Lane, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 12:23 p.m. a woman was walking several dogs--all on leashes--when one of them, a 70-pound St. Bernard mix, approached a poodle mix which had been secured to a long leash attached to the front door of the residence.

The woman advised police that initially the St. Bernard and poodle appeared to be indulging in “innocent reciprocal curiosity,” that “they sniffed at each other and their tails were moving back-and-forth.” But then the St. Bernard grabbed the poodle “like a toy” and shook it, the woman advised. She screamed at the St. Bernard to stop and the dog did but the poodle was mortally injured.

“It does not appear as though any Town Code violations occurred,” police said. The poodle “was on a lead in his front yard and (the St. Bernard) was being walked on a leash. As tragic as this event turned out, it seems as though it was completely accidental in nature,” police said.

The Porter County Animal Control officer dispatched to the scene reached the same conclusion, police said. The St. Bernard “gets routine veterinary care and is up-to-date on shots” and neither the CPD nor Animal Control has received vicious animal complaints about the dog, police added.


Posted 8/5/2013