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Old Chesterton Fire Department engine throws differential on Broadway

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Broadway was closed at 15th Street on Thursday for four hours, after the Chesterton Fire Departmentís Engine 512--now 18 years old--threw its differential, when the U-bolts securing the engineís rear axle failed.

The accident happened at 10:30 a.m., Deputy Fire Chief Nate Williams told the Chesterton Tribune today, while firefighters were conducting annual driverís training.

Engine 512--a 2000 Pierce Saber and the CFDís main backup engine--was westbound at the time, had just left the station, and was braking for the stop sign at 15th Street when the U-bolts failed. The engine airbraked abruptly to a stop, jarring loose the yoke of the differential, which dug into the asphalt below, taking with it the drive shaft until that simply torqued off.

Broadway was promptly closed to traffic, Williams said, ďand a lot of people had to be diverted onto South 14th Street.Ē

A wrecker from Joeís Towing Inc. was dispatched to the scene and Engine 512ís rear end lifted, allowing the Street Department to remove the entire rear axle assembly. Engine 512--with the rear axle on a separate flatbed--was subsequently towed to Carlís Truck & Trailer Repair on U.S. Highway 20, Williams said.

Broadway was re-opened to traffic at 2:30 p.m.


Posted 7/20/2018




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