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NIPSCO: Flickering lights the result of wind and weather

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The power glitches which some Duneland businesses and households experienced on Wednesday were likely the result of “heavy wind gusts and weather conditions,” a NIPSCO said today.

In the mid-afternoon and then again in the early evening, the Tribune itself briefly lost power, as did some residents on the west side of town.

Under the right circumstances, power lines can “gallop” or otherwise “make contact with one another,” NIPSCO spokesman Nick Meyer told the Trib. “And in some cases bare tree limbs will also come in contact with lines. Both cases can cause momentary flickering, which was experienced sporadically by some Chesterton residents and businesses.”

“However, none of the momentary power interruptions were reported to have lasted more than a few minutes at most,” Meyer added.

Meyer was unable to provide specific numbers on the customers affected by the glitches.





Posted 12/15/2016




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