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Motorcyclist hurt after being rearended on 49

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A motorcyclist was injured on Sunday after being rear-ended on Ind. 49, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 8:01 p.m. Amanda L. Music, 19, of Portage, was northbound on Ind. 49 when, just south of East Porter Ave., ash from her cigarette dropped on her leg. “I looked down to wipe it off my leg, then I looked over the GPS, and when I looked back up it was too late and I hit the motorcycle,” Music advised police.

The motorcyclist--who was in motion at the time of the accident--was identified as Christopher W. Heric, 34, of LaPorte.

Heric “was requesting medical attention immediately,” police said, and complained of pain to his head, back, hands, and legs. He was transported to hospital.

Police estimated total damage to Music’s 2007 Saturn Ion and Heric’s 2014 Harley Davidson at up to $10,000.



Posted 10/2/2017




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