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More info released on Jackson manhunt suspect

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By AP and Tribune Staff

Authorities have released the name of the man who was the subject of a manhunt in Jackson Township on Thursday.

Kiflay Gebrehiwot, 27, of Seattle, Wash., is being held at the Porter County Jail on charges of escape, resisting law enforcement, auto theft, dealing marijuana, and carrying a handgun without a permit.

The Associated Press reported today that Gebrehiwot commandeered the squad car of a Lake County Sheriff’s Police deputy who’d stopped him on the Indiana Toll Road.

The incident began on Thursday afternoon, Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said, after the deputy had found a quantity of marijuana in Gebrehiwot’s vehicle. The deputy handcuffed Gebrehiwot and placed him in the backseat of his squad car, then continued a search of the suspect vehicle, Martinez said.

At some point, the skinny Gebrehiwot managed to “do a Houdini” like Harry Houdini, the illusionist famed for his escapes, and despite being handcuffed behind his back inside the squad car, Gebrehiwot slipped his legs through his cuffed arms, putting his arms in front of him, and then drove off, Martinez said. Gebrehiwot subsequently crashed the squad car and fled on foot, attempting to go to ground in Jackson Township, where he was later taken into custody without incident.


Posted 10/31/2017





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