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Man removed from South Shore train charged with false informing and theft

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A Chicago resident removed from a South Shore commuter train on Wednesday for unruly behavior was charged with false informing and theft, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, at 5:06 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the Dune Park Station after the conductor on a westbound train asked for assistance in removing a passenger causing a disturbance. On his arrival, police said, the officer made contact with the passenger, who “explained that he was surrounded by ‘baby rapers and baby killers’ on the train and when he told the subjects how he felt, they began to yell at him.”

Asked to identify himself, the man provided multiple names and dates of birth, none of which proved valid, and when questioned further the man advised that he has “a lot of different names,” police said.

In fact, the man was found in possession of five credit cards with different cardholder names as well as a black bag containing “legal documents, greeting cards, and banking literature” addressed to a variety of different people, police said.

“When confronted about the different names and addresses on all the documents, the male stated they belonged to family members,” police said. “He also stated that some of the names were his.”

The man continued to refuse to identify himself and was ultimately taken into custody on a charge of false informing and transported to Porter County Jail, where a fingerprint check subsequently identified him as Eric Humbles, 36, police said.

Continued investigation determined that Humbles was in possession of a black binder containing business cards stolen from a man in South Bend on Monday; and of a ATM card mailed to another South Bend man who never received it. That ATM card showed activity on Monday, police said.

A charge of theft, two counts, was accordingly filed against Humbles, police said. Given the large amount of mail from the South Bend area found in Humbles’ possession, the officer later released the black bag and its contents to the U.S. Postal Inspector, police said.


Posted 5/25/2012