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A Liberty Township resident was defrauded of more than $2,000 after falling victim to the latest scam, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said: the bogus job offer.

According to police, on Thursday the resident reported that on April 1 he responded to a job offer on from a “Medi-Direct International”--purportedly based in Nottingham, England--for a “virtual assistant.”

The resident’s first task after becoming a virtual assistant was to receive checks from a third party in the U.S. who had supposedly made a purchase from Medi-Direct and was now paying for it. The resident was instructed to cash the checks in his personal account, deduct $150 plus a 10-percent “fee,” then send the balance of the cash to England by buying “Reloadit Packs” through PayPower.

On April 6 the resident duly deposited two checks in his personal account, in the amounts of $1,280 and $1,180, from a woman in St. Peters, Mo. He then bought four Reloadit Packs and e-mailed the card codes to Medi-Direct.

The resident was subsequently informed by his bank that the two checks were phony and that his account was $2,480 in the red.

The resident was unable to make contact at that point with Medi-Direct.

In February the Chesterton Police Department reported that two residents here were victimized by the same bogus job offer scam, with one defrauded of $3,500 and the other of more than $5,000.

Warning Sign

As the CPD noted at the time, there is an obvious warning sign to heed: when you agree to a particular transaction with a stranger and that person sends you a check far in excess of the stipulated sum with instructions for what to do with the balance, it’s a scam and can be nothing but a scam.



Posted 4/10/2015




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