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Local man gets eight years for burglaries

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A Chesterton man has been sentenced to eight years in prison, after pleading guilty to three burglaries committed early in 2013, two in Portage and one in South Haven.

Luke McCormick, 20, with a listed address on Taylor Street, was originally charged in three separate burglaries, committed on Jan. 10, Jan. 18, and Feb. 17. Each burglary was filed as a Class B felony, punishable by a term of six to 20 years.

In accordance with the plea agreement--which capped time in the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) to 15 years--Porter Superior Court Judge Bill Alexa sentenced McCormick on Friday to 15 years each on two of the counts but suspended eight years from each term, to be served on formal probation, and then ordered the two terms to run concurrent. Alexa also sentenced McCormick to 10 years on the third count but suspended nine of those years, also to be served on formal probation, and ordered this term to run consecutive to the sentence on the previous two counts.

That is, actual time in DOC of eight years, with 17 years on formal probation.

In addition, Alexa ordered McCormick into the DOC’s therapeutic community.

And he gave McCormick credit for 310 actual days already served while awaiting disposition.

In the Jan. 10 burglary, committed on Governor Road in South Haven, entry was made while the homeowners were sleeping, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said. Stolen items included a laptop computer, a Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS along with games, a purse, a coat, DVDs, and keys.

In the Jan. 18 burglary, of a home in Portage, two handguns were stolen, one of which was found in McCormick’s possession after a car crash on I-94 in Burns Harbor, Portage Police said.

In the Feb. 17 burglary, of another home in Portage, a handgun, a rifle, and a jar of coins were stolen. In that case the victim reported that shortly before the burglary a young man knocked on his door and said he was looking for a lost dog. The victim later identified McCormick as that young man in a photo lineup, Portage Police said.


Posted 1/15/2014




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