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Likely police officer impersonator reported

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A man impersonating a police officer may have performed an illegal traffic stop on a woman on Saturday, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

According to police, at approximately 10:30 p.m. the 34-year-old woman was northbound on North Calumet Ave. when, in the area of the 49er Drive In, she passed a gray passenger car which, she said, showed no obvious official police markings. Immediately after passing the car, the woman noticed what she believed to be emergency lights turn on behind her and she stopped.

She was then approached by a white male subject who said “I should take you straight to jail for reckless driving and speeding,” the woman advised. He then took her driver’s license, went back to his car, and then returned a short time later, to tell her that he was going to give her a break.

Shortly later, after arriving at work, the woman began thinking about the strangeness of the incident: the man was not in uniform nor was his vehicle officially marked.

A PCSP officer who later interviewed her confirmed that no local agencies had performed a traffic stop in the area of North Calumet Ave. and C.R. 700N in that particular time frame.

The man was described as having light, short hair, no facial hair, wearing a striped sweatshirt. The woman did not recall his wearing glasses, a wedding ring, or a watch.


Posted 5/6/2013