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Light haze of smoke prompts evacuation of CMS

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Chesterton Middle School at 651 W. Morgan Ave. was evacuated on Wednesday after Chesterton firefighters responded to a report of smoke in the building.

Capt. Rudy Jimenez told the Chesterton Tribune today that, at 1:16 p.m., firefighters responded to CMS after staff observed a “light haze of smoke” coming from a storage room off a science classroom. The smoke, Jimenez added, was so light in fact that it failed to activate the school’s smoke detectors.

There was a haze, however, which firefighters succeeded in tracing to a light ballast in a second interior room just off the storage room, Jimenez said. Firefighters unwired the light and gave it to maintenance staff at CMS.

They then used an electric fan to ventilate the windowless interior room, dispersing the haze out into the larger classroom, Jimenez said.

Students and faculty were evacuated pending the CFD’s search for the source of the smoke andÑbecause the call originally came in as a “school fire”Ñthe Porter, Liberty Township, and Portage FDs automatically responded as well, though they were disregarded en route.

The CFD cleared the scene at 1:51 p.m.



Posted 3/9/3017




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