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Legal fireworks use in Town of Chesterton begins on Sunday

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It wonít be legal to use fireworks in the Town of Chesterton until Sunday.

Because Sunday is June 29, the first day of the calendar year on which fireworks may be lawfully discharged in town.

Town Code is far more restrictive than state law when it comes to fireworks and prohibits their use at any time with these few exceptions:

* From June 29 through July 3, only between 5 p.m. until two hours after sunset.

* On July 4, from 10 a.m. until midnight.

* From July 5 through July 9, only between 5 p.m. until two hours after sunset.

The discharge of fireworks on any other days, at any other times, is a violation of Town Code and liable on first violation to a fine of $100.

State Law

Meanwhile, the Fire and Building Safety Division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is urging Hoosiers to know the law about fireworks.

* Purchase fireworks only from licensed vendors whose permit to sell--issued by the Fire and Building Safety Division--must be displayed on the wall in the store. If you donít see one, ask an employee to produce it. If the permit canít be produced, call the State Fire Marshal at (317) 232-2222.

* Only those 18 years of age or older may purchase fireworks. Without a special permit, moreover, it is only legal to buy 1.4G consumer fireworks, which include bottle rockets and firecrackers.

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Posted 6/27/2014