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ISP: Two charged with robbing Internet friend

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Two Lake County residents have been charged with armed robbery after the Indiana State Police said that they robbed a man whom one of them had met over the Internet.

Charged with robbery are Amber L. Dovichi, 30, of Cedar Lake, and Joshua Flores, 33, of Hammond, police said.

According to police, on March 15 a 29-year-old Lafayette man made arrangements to visit Dovichi in Northwest Indiana. Police said that the man and Dovichi had met over the Internet and that he had previously visited her.

On March 15, police said, the man and Dovichi rendezvoused at the Crown Point exit on I-65. Dovichi was accompanied by Flores, however, and after the Lafayette man followed the two in his own car to Hammond, he entered Dovichi’s vehicle and the three of them “drove around,” police said.

At some point, Flores left Dovichi’s vehicle, went into a residence, and on returning sat in the back seat, put a gun to the Lafayette man’s head, and “demanded everything in his pockets.”

The man complied, was given his car keys, and he left, driving immediately to the ISP post in Lowell to report the robbery, police said.

A warrant was issued on March 19 for the arrest of Dovichi and Flores on charges of armed robbery and criminal confinement, police said. Dovichi was taken into custody the same day, Flores on April 18, police said.

Armed robbery and criminal confinement are both Class B felonies punishable by a term of six to 20 years.



Posted 4/23/2014