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ISP: Trooper rear ended by suspected drunk driver

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An Indiana State Police trooper sitting in his squad car on Saturday with a suspected impaired driver was rear-ended by a second suspected impaired driver.

According to police, at 12:10 a.m. Trooper Ala’a Hamed was sitting in his fully marked squad car on the west shoulder near the intersection of Broadway and 15th Ave. in Gary, having detained a man suspected of operating while intoxicated, when he “heard what sounded like a car crashing.” Hamed then saw, in his rear-view mirror, a Chevrolet coup sideswipe a parked van, then “ricochet off and hit the rear of his police car,” which was “out of traffic” at the time, with its emergency lights activated, police said.

Hamed first asked the man detained in his squad car, Mario L. Rodriguez, 48, of Valparaiso, whether he was all right. Rodriguez said that he was, at which time Hamed made contact with the driver who had rear-ended him, identified as Ashley P. Brown, 36, of Hammond, police said.

Brown showed signs of intoxication and registered a blood alcohol content of .13 percent on a certified chemical test, police said. Rodriguez, for his part, registered a B.A.C. of .16 percent on a certified chemical test, police said.

Both were transported to Lake County Jail.


Posted 5/20/2019




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