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ISP to use portable brake testing device on big rigs

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Troopers tasked to the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will be using a portable base brake tester (PBBT) throughout the Lowell District, from Thursday, April 25, through Friday, May 3.

The PBBT is capable of identifying weak or defective brakes as well as vehicles with inadequate stopping capability, based not on visual inspection but on actual brake performance. And the PBBT can be deployed by a trooper without having to crawl beneath the vehicle.

“The objective of this enforcement is to help trucking companies make their drivers operate in a safe manner and their equipment be in a safe working condition,” the ISP said.

PBBT evaluations will be conducted in the following places.

* Porter County, April 25-26.

* Gary, April 29-30.

* Jasper County, May 1.

* Lake County, May 2-3.

“We are doing this enforcement to promote driver and truck safety compliance,” Sgt. Wanda Clay said. “We plan on not only using the PBBT but utilizing portable scales to weigh trucks that may be overweight.”



Posted 4/23/2013