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ISP to enforce commercial vehicle regs from June 4 through 6

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The Indiana State Police will be conducting Roadcheck 2013--“Enhancing Truck and Bus Safety and Security Throughout North America”--from June 4-6.

Roadcheck 2013 is an international initiative sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance--North Americas leading commercial vehicle safety enforcement organization--and will be conducted in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, the ISP said.

Roadcheck 2013 promotes both safety and security on our highways through inspection of commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) and their drivers.

During this 72-hour period Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers and Motor Carrier inspectors will be checking commercial motor vehicles and their drivers at inspection sites along major highways. There will also be roving patrols.

Special emphasis will be placed on motor coach (bus) safety, traffic enforcement, and proper securement of cargo on commercial trucks. While motor coaches are prohibited by federal law from being randomly inspected en route, all vehicles are subject to traffic law compliance, so vehicles found speeding or otherwise disobeying traffic laws could be subject to inspections.

Cargo securement is always a safety concern, and enforcement will be watching for compliance with the cargo regulation as well.



Posted 5/31/2013