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ISP: The extended stop sign on a school bus means STOP

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The Indiana State Police is reminding motorists that, under state law, they must stop for school buses whose lights are flashing and stop arms are extended.

From any direction, motorists approaching a school which is stopped with its flashing red lights activated and its stop arm extended must stop themselves, even on multiple lane highways.

There is only one exception: on a highway divided by a barrier or unimproved median. In that case motorists traveling in the opposite direction of the bus may continue; motorists traveling in the same direction, however, must stop. If there is no unimproved median or barrier, then all motorists in all directions must stop.

And when approaching a school bus motorists should be prepared to stop and watch for slowed or stopped traffic.

Disregarding a school bus stop arm is a serious violation and one that school bus drivers are quick to report. Violation of this law is a Class A infraction and is punishable by a maximum fine of $10,000.


Posted 9/23/2013