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ISP: Suspect in wire theft arrested in Burns Harbor

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A Gary man was taken into custody early Monday morning in Burns Harbor and charged with the theft of lighting wire, the Indiana State Police said.

The ISP identified the man as James H. Higgason III, 47, and said that investigators used “contacts, tips, and other technologies” to develop him as a suspect.

According to the ISP, at 2:30 a.m. Higgason was observed parking his pickup truck at Lakeland Park--located directly adjacent to the ramp from U.S. Highway 20 to westbound I-94--cutting the fence, and entering the park. He was then seen walking through a ditch to get to some light poles, severing the lighting wires, and dragging some of the wire back to his pickup, the ISP said.

Higgason next drove his pickup onto the Interstate ramp, where he loaded the remaining wire into the back of his truck, the ISP said. He was subsequently taken into custody, transported to the Porter County Jail, and charged with theft.

Higgason at the time of the arrest was wearing ripped jeans with sweat pants underneath, tee shirt, and baseball cap.

Anyone with information about wire thefts is urged to call ISP Det. Brian Kubiak at (219) 690-0042. Anonymous tips are welcome, the ISP said.

“These wire thefts are causing many thousands of dollars in damage,” the ISP noted. “As reported before, these criminals aren’t usually dressed or driving something marked that would portray them as someone who would be authorized to be in the area working on the light poles. These criminals usually operate at night, early morning when it is still dark. Please, if you see something suspicious, report it immediately to 911.”



Posted 11/10/2016




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