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ISP: Shots fired in yet another I94 road rage incident

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A Lansing, Ill., woman was shot at while driving on I-80/94 in Lake County on Sunday in what the Indiana State Police is describing as an incident of road rage.

According to police, at 9 p.m. the 33-year-old woman reported that she had been driving slowly on 25th Ave. in Gary because of potholes when another vehicle began following her closely. The woman stated she braked to get the car to back off, angering the other driver and prompting him to get in front of her as they both turned off 25th Ave. onto Burr Street and then entered westbound I-80/94, police said.

The woman next noticed the other vehicle pull alongside her and the driver point a handgun at her and begin shooting, police said.

The suspect fire four to five shots, one of which struck the woman’s vehicle near the bumper, entering the trunk. The woman was not injured, police said.

The suspect was described as a black male with dreadlocks, wearing a black sock hat. The suspect vehicle was described as a red four-door passenger car with dark tinted windows.

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident is urged to contact Det. Chris Campione at (219) 696-6242.

Sunday’s incident is the second such in less than a week, after a Valparaiso man was shot in the back on Jan. 15 on I-80/94 when he cut in front of another vehicle while entering the interstate from Cline Ave. In that case, however, the suspect was described as a black male with very short hair and the suspect vehicle as a silver or gray Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. The victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries.


Posted 1/20/2014