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State Police seek driver who shot at car on I-80

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The Indiana State Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying the motorist who fired a handgun on Thursday at a vehicle on I-80 in Lake County.

According to police, at 9:03 p.m. a young woman was westbound in the left lane of I-80, west of Grant Street, when a dark-colored pickup truck driven by an older white male began tailgating her, for roughly a mile. The man then shifted into the left-center lane and attempted to force the woman into the concrete median wall, police said. Next he pulled up onto her driver’s side, traveling along the shoulder, prompting the woman to shift into the left-center lane herself, police said.

But the man tracked her movement, took a position in the left lane, and again tried to push the woman right.

Then he returned to his position on the passenger’s side of the woman’s vehicle and waved a silver handgun in the air. The woman heard a “bang” and observed a fresh hole in her passenger’s side door, police said.

The woman was not struck by the bullet but did sustain an injury when a plastic shard from her car door hit her hand, police said.

At that point the shooter promptly cross all lanes of westbound traffic and exited onto Cline Ave.

The suspect had white hair and was wearing a baseball cap. He is believed to have been armed with a small-caliber handgun. A bullet was recovered from the vehicle.

The woman refused medical attention at the scene.

Road Rage

The ISP defines road rage as aggressive and/or angry behavior exhibited by a driver. “It’s hard to understand yet it has happened to almost every driver,” police said.

Some tips:

•Stay calm.

•Get out of the aggressive driver’s way.

•Don’t challenge the driver.

•Avoid eye contact.

•Ignore gestures.

•Be prepared to provide a vehicle description, license number, location, and direction of travel.



Posted 8/24/2012