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ISP responded to scores of calls during snowstorm

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From 5 p.m. Tuesday to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Indiana State Police troopers based in Lowell worked 53 property-damage crashes, three personal-injury crashes, and 57 slide-offs.

They also assisted 29 motorists, for a total of 139 calls to service during the time period.

Interstates through the Lowell District are now clear except for a few isolated slick spots, the ISP said today, but ramps and shoulders are still snow- and ice-covered.

If you need to travel during poor or hazardous conditions, here are some points to consider before leaving on your destination:

* Leave sooner and expect your travel time to be twice as long as normal.

* Drive slower.

* Increase the following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you by at least five times greater than normal.

* Approach intersections with great care; other drivers not paying attention will slide through red lights.

* Signal all lane changes and turning movements.

“The posted speed limit may be more than twice as fast as the reduced speed” which drivers should travel in order to reduce the possibility of a collision, the ISP noted.

If you are involved in a crash, are uninjured, and all vehicles are drivable, motorists should move to a safe place completely off the road--be it the next exit or to the parking lot of a business--to await law enforcement response for a police report, the ISP added.

“It is important to remember crashes involving injury or lane blockage receive priority attention ahead of property damage crashes,” the ISP said. “So keep in mind, it may be an extended period of time before law enforcement arrives.”

More: under Indiana’s Move Over Law, motorists must change lanes away from the emergency or utility vehicle if they can do so safely. If not possible to do so, motorists must slow down and proceed with caution. Please give us room to work.

Vehicles included in the Move Over Law are police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and rescue equipment, incident-response vehicles, and tow trucks.

Finally, during a snow emergency do not call law enforcement agencies to ask about road conditions. The 911 networks must be kept open for emergency responses. Citizens calling state police facilities to ask about road conditions will be told to call the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Road and Weather automated system at (800) 262-7623 or to visit the INDOT traffic map at


Posted 2/7/2014