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ISP: Portable scales used to ID overweight trucks

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With the break in the weather, the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) has broken out its portable scales.

Those scales were deployed on Monday and two overweight semis were taken out of service, police said.

According to police, at 11:45 a.m. Trooper Nedal Nabhan spotted two “Michigan train” semis within 30 minutes of each other westbound on U.S. Highway 20 at Dombey Road in Portage.

Both appeared to be overweight, given their pinched trailer tires, police said.

The semis were stopped and weighed and each determined to be overweight and impounded, police said.

Truckers Metodi Cejkov, 39, and Jovan Jofceski, 27, both of Portage, were issued citations for overweight loads, police said.

Both were driving for Great American Lines Inc. of Murrysville, Pa.

“CVED Troopers take overweight violations very seriously,” police said.

“Everyone who drives has experienced dodging potholes. By focusing on overweight semis they hope to decrease road damage to Indiana roadways due to their overweight loads.”


Posted 3/11/2014