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ISP: Multiple charges filed after Toll Road high speed pursuit

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An Illinois man tried to flee from an Indiana State Police trooper on Sunday but he couldn’t outrun him.

According to police, at 2:30 a.m. Trooper Alaa Hamed was sitting in his stationary squad car approximately two and a half miles east of the Illinois state line on the Indiana Toll Road when he observed a 2016 Chevrolet Impala westbound at a high rate of speed. Hamed clocked the Impala at 91 miles per hours in a zone posted at 70 mph, and subsequently executed a traffic stop on the car at the 1.2 mile marker, police said.

While speaking with the driver--who failed to identify himself--the driver took off in the Impala and fled the scene, prompting Hamed to return to his squad car and a pursuit ensued. “Traffic was light, roads were dry, and weather was clear,” police said. “Speeds reached in excess of 100 mph.”

Then the Impala exited the Toll Road onto Indianapolis Blvd./U.S. Highway 41, made a right at the bottom of the ramp, and proceeded southbound to 110th Street, then continued south to where it becomes Calumet Ave., police said. At that point the vehicle suddenly stopped, made a U-turn, and went northbound until making a right onto 121st Street. At that point Hamed lost sight of the Impala and ended the pursuit.

But Hamed remained in the area, until four minutes later he saw the Impala emerge from an alley adjacent to the intersection of Indianapolis Blvd. and 115th Street. A vehicular pursuit began again, which ended when the Impala came to a dead-end on Myrtle Ave., police said.

The driver then exited the Impala and jumped over a fence, with Hamed right behind him on foot, identifying himself as a trooper and ordering him to stop or be Tased, police said. In fact Hamed did attempt to Tase the suspect, unsuccessfully, and the chase continued through several backyards until Hamed finally succeeded in tackling him in the backyard of a residence, police said.

The driver was identified as Bernard R. Harrison, 35 of Chicago, and found next to him were two separate 5-gram individual packaged baggies containing suspected marijuana, police said. On Harrison’s person Hamed recovered $3,665 in cash, and on his ankle discovered a monitor issued through Illinois in connection to an OWI charge, police said.

Harrison was transported to Lake County Jail on charges of driving while suspended, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, resisting law enforcement, failure to identify, reckless driving, dealing marijuana, and possession of marijuana, police said.





Posted 4/24/2018




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