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ISP: Motorist huffing paint while driving I-94

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A motorist was arrested Monday on a charge of operating while intoxicated after he was found to be “huffing paint” while driving, the Indiana State Police said.

According to police, at 5:15 p.m. Alec E. Sadauskas, 21, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was stopped on eastbound I-94, a mile east of Burr Street, after he overtook a trooper in heavy, slow-moving traffic, then began to “follow another vehicle (at) less than a car’s length.”

Sadauskas “moved to the left lane and began passing traffic on the left shoulder, cutting off another vehicle, and changing lanes without utilizing a turn signal,” police said.

On stopping Sadauskas, the trooper “was hit was a strong odor of spray paint coming from inside the car,” and discovered Sadauskas himself to have “red spray paint on his face, hands, neck, shirt, and blue jean jacket,” police said.

“Sadauskas’ speech was slurred and he appear confused while (the trooper) talked with him,” police said. “When questioned about the paint he began to get angry and said the paint can ‘exploded’ in his face. The paint can, however, was intact and not damaged.”

Sadauskas was subsequently charged with operating while intoxicated and issued a citation for speeding, improper passing on the left, following too closely, and unsafe lane movement, police said.


Posted 8/29/2019




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