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ISP: Lake County Sheriffs Deputy charged with 4 felonies

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The Lowell State Police Criminal Investigation Division filed charges against Lake County Sheriff’s Police Deputy Louis Vasquez yesterday after a three month investigation, Indiana State Police said.

Vasquez is charged with Bribery, level 5 felony; Official Misconduct, level 6 felony; Theft, level 6 felony; and Perjury, level 6 felony.

According to ISP, the investigation was at the request of Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez, and showed that between September 2017 and November 2018, Vasquez accepted cash for completing at least 42 salvage vehicle inspection forms for Fast Import Cars, LLC of Knox, Ind.--transactions that are against Lake County Police Department policy and Indiana State code.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles considers a vehicle salvage if it was built in the last seven model years and has been damaged beyond its value, according to ISP. An Indiana police officer must complete an Affidavit of Restoration for a Salvage Motor Vehicle form certifying that he or she examined the vehicle, major component parts, and ownership documents, ISP said.

ISP said Vasquez, 14-year member of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, has been on administrative leave since the start of the investigation and has already surrendered himself.

The owners of Fast Import Cars, LLC, Pavel Rohatinovici and Andrii Lakymenko, were also charged, with level 6 felony Perjury, but were not in custody at the time of the ISP release, ISP said.



Posted 3/27/2019




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