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ISP: Church bus driver charged with OWI in I-94 accident

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The driver of a church bus was arrested Monday on a charge of operating while intoxicated after crashing the bus on I-80/94 in Lake County, the Indiana State Police said.

According to police, at 10:37 p.m. Wilton B. Carr, 82, of Gary, was eastbound in the right lane of I-80/94--transporting 47 adults and children back to the Jesus Saves Missionary Baptist Church in Gary, following a trip to the United Center in Chicago--when he drove off the roadway near the Cline Ave. exit into the gore area separating the roadway from the exit.

The undercarriage of the bus then hit a graveled dirt embankment, lifting the bus’ front tires completely off the ground and causing the passengers “to be tossed and thrown from some of their seats,” police said.

Five persons--an adult and four children aged 10 to 14--were transported to local hospitals for treatment of leg injuries and head and neck pain, police said.

Carr was subsequently found to be impaired and charged with operating while intoxicated causing bodily injury and OWI with passengers under 18, police said.

Carr was transported to Lake County Jail.


Posted 2/26/2019






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