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ISP: Bitter weather makes travel risky

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The Indiana State Police was warning commuters this morning of hazardous conditions on I-65, especially south of Lowell into Lafayette, as blowing and drifting snow in combination with high winds and sub zero temperatures were causing white-out conditions throughout this area.

But the ISP was saying that open areas on any interstate or rural road may become dangerous and that ramps and bridges should be negotiated with extreme caution.

“Forecasts for today are for strong winds with bitterly cold air and falling temperatures,” the ISP said. “These winds will continue to cause blowing and drifting snow making Northwest Indiana roads slippery and travel hazardous. Visibility could drop and white out conditions may occur in rural and open areas of the interstate. Dangerously cold conditions are expected to continue into Wednesday.”

The ISP accordingly offered the following travel tips:

* Rethink your trip if possible. Staying off the interstate is the safest option.

* If you must travel today give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Ensure you have a full gas tank, blankets, food, and water with you. Dress warmly, charge your cell phone, and expect possible long delays.

* Remember to move over and slow down when you see emergency lights and give INDOT plow trucks room to work.

For up-to-date road and weather information, citizens are encouraged to tune to local television and/or radio stations. Another source of information is the National Weather Service at

Citizens may also contact the Indiana Department of Transportation Road and Weather line at (800) 261-7623 or visit the Indiana Department of Transportation website at


Posted 1/27/2014