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Human skull found at pipeline work site in Liberty Township

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A human skull was found this morning by workers at the Enbridge Inc. pipeline project in Liberty Township, the Porter County Sheriff’s Police said.

Sgt. Larry LaFlower told the Chesterton Tribune that the skull was discovered by workers approximately 500 feet west of Meridian Road and north of U.S. Highway 6, along the Enbridge right-of-way.

LaFlower said that a great deal of excavation has recently been performed at the site and that it’s difficult at this point to say whether the skull had been buried below ground or simply dumped above ground.

The skull has been completely denuded of skin tissue, LaFlower said, and no other human remains have been located.

PCSP detectives were investigating.

Coroner Chuck Harris, meanwhile, told the Tribune that he has taken custody of the skull and is in the process of contacting a forensic anthropologist to examine it.

There are no obvious signs of trauma to the skull, which is missing only the mandible or lower jawbone, but Harris said that he’s not able to say whether the skull is a male’s or female’s, an adult’s or a child’s.


Posted 1/20/2014