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High speed pursuit on US 6 and Indiana 49 ends in Chesterton

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A Liberty Township woman allegedly fleeing the scene of a shoplifting was arrested Wednesday after a high-speed pursuit which began in Portage and ended in Chesterton, Portage Police said.

Holly Michelle Sansone, 34, of 123 W. U.S. Highway 6, Apt. B, was charged with theft, reckless driving, and two counts of resisting law enforcement.

According to police, at 6:30 p.m. Sansone exited the Kohl’s at 6495 U.S. 6 with a selection of merchandise she hadn’t paid for, including bras and panties. On being confronted by a responding officer at her vehicle, a 2004 brown Buick Century, Sansone looked at the officer, “put her hands up in the air in a shrugging motion, and said, ‘I’ve gotta go,’” police said. She then put her vehicle into drive, accelerated, and left the parking lot eastbound on U.S. 6, pursued first by one officer and then by several.

At the intersection of McCool Road, police said, Sansone evaded an attempted rolling roadblock when “she swerved violently in the Buick” and got around the squad car in the two-way left turn lane; at the intersection of Ind. 149, Sansone again used the left-turn lane to proceed straight through a red light, tossing what appeared to be items of clothing out her window as she went; and in the approach to the intersection of C.R. 200W, Sansone crossed the center line to pass a slowing vehicle, forcing an oncoming vehicle to swerve to the right and nearly run off the road into a culvert.

Meanwhile, Sansone was traveling at high speeds, police said: 90 miles per hour at the intersection of Meridian Road, double the posted limit of 45 mph; and then, after leaving U.S. 6 for northbound Ind. 49, 97 mph in a zone posted at 55.

At the intersection of Gateway Blvd., police said, Sansone proceeded straight in the right-turn lane; at the intersection of 1100N, she “ran the red light as she weaved in and out of traffic”; and at the intersections of East Porter Ave. and Indian Boundary Road, she used the shoulder to pass stopped traffic, squeezing “between several vehicles almost striking them as she maneuvered through.”

Just beyond the intersection of Ind. 49, however, a Porter PD officer deployed stop sticks on the shoulder which Sansone was unable to avoid. The sticks successfully deflated her two passenger’s side tires but Sansone continued northbound on Ind. 49 before swerving left, then right, and striking the wall on the shoulder of the I-94 overpass, police said.

“While being escorted (Sansone) kept saying that she didn’t have anything on her,” the responding officer stated in his report. “I told (Sansone) that she could have killed someone the way she was driving, and (Sansone) again stated that she didn’t have anything on her. I told her that she still has one of the security tags sticking out of the back of her pants.”

Several pairs of women’s underwear were recovered from Sansone’s vehicle and other items were recovered on the roadway, police said.

Sansone was transported to Porter County Jail.



Posted 1/10/2019




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