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High speed pursuit begins on Indiana 49 and ends in Merrillville

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A Hobart resident was taken into custody on Sunday following a high-speed pursuit which began on Ind. 49 and ended in Merrillville, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 11 p.m. an officer stopped Brian Ward, 28, on Ind. 49, just south of Indian Boundary Road, for an improperly displayed temporary license plate. “When I arrived at the passenger side of the vehicle, the driver, a white male, glanced at me and fled from the scene of the traffic stop,” the investigating officer stated in his report.

The officer followed the driver as he exited northbound Ind. 49 onto westbound I-94, with both quickly reaching speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour. “As we approached the approximate area of MM 25, my vehicle speed was approximately 120 mph,” the CPD officer stated. “At this point, I was approximately 300 feet behind the vehicle and I was not attempting to get too close to the vehicle at such a high rate of speed. We continued traveling west on I-94 at high rates of speeds, approximately 100-120 mph. Traffic conditions were light, weather conditions were clear, and the roadway was dry.”

Units with the Porter and Burns Harbor PDs joined the pursuit, and a PPD officer took over calling out locations, as the CPD officer was the lead vehicle, police said. “The driver of the vehicle was still traveling at an extremely high rate of speed and weaving in and out of lanes of travel,” the CPD officer stated in his report.

The suspect subsequently exited onto southbound Ind. 51 (Ripley Street) in Lake Station, at which time a PPD officer became the lead vehicle, as his squad car “is better suited for maneuverability on city roads at high rates of speed,” the CPD officer stated in his report. Lake Station PD and Lake County Sheriff’s Police units also joined the pursuit at this point, as the suspect headed west on Central Ave., “wove through several Lake Station side streets,” returned to westbound Central Ave. at speeds between 60 and 70 mph, then merged again onto westbound I-94 at speeds between 110-120 mph.

As several units lost sight of him, the suspect exited onto southbound I-65--still being followed by the PPD officer, who continued to relay their updated location to other officers--then drove through Hobart and into Merrillville, where the pursuit finally ended, at the intersection of West 72nd Circle and Pierce Street. The suspect, identified as Brian Ward, attempted to flee on foot but was Tasered by a LSPD officer and taken into custody, the CPD officer stated.

“An inventory search of the vehicle yielded loose ‘shake’ (raw, loose marijuana) scattered throughout the vehicle as well as a credit card that did not belong to (Ward), several car speakers, fake security cameras, and another false and fictitious license plate,” the CPD officer said. “The license plate that was affixed to the vehicle did not match the Ford Taurus.”

Ward was then transported to the CPD station. “Under his own admission, (Ward) stated that he ran because he did not have a license and was on probation and just got out of prison,” the CPD officer stated. “(Ward) said that he panicked and made the decision to avoid being arrested.”

Ward was charged with resisting law enforcement and reckless driving.




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