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Heroin OD deaths on the rise this year

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With nearly two and half months left in the year, suspected heroin-related deaths in Porter County are already nearly double the number reported in all of 2012.

That according to statistics compiled by the Coronerís Office and provided to the Chesterton Tribune today.

Of the 24 suspected or confirmed substance-related deaths reported so far in 2013--through Oct. 13--15 of them or 63 percent are believed connected to heroin.

In 2012 there were 26 suspected or confirmed substance-related deaths, of which nine or 35 percent were believed connected to heroin.

Year over year, thatís a 67 percent increase in suspected or confirmed heroin-related deaths.

Four of the suspected heroin-related deaths this year occurred in Duneland: two in Chesterton, one in Porter, and one in Liberty Township. Only one of the suspected heroin-related deaths last year occurred in Duneland.

There is one other troubling trend suggested by the numbers: the average age of the victims has declined from last year. In 2012, it was 36. This year itís 29.

More: in 2012, only three of the nine victims believed to have overdosed on heroin were younger than 30. This year fully nine of the 15 victims is younger than 30, with an average age of 22.

Posted 10/18/2013






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