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Golf carts, trailer, pickup stolen from LanCam

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Chesterton Police are investigating the theft of five golf carts, a trailer, and a pickup truck from Lan-Cam Custom Golf Carts at 403 S. Calumet Road.

According to police, sometime between late Thursday or early Friday someone drove off the lot in a 2005 maroon Ford F-350 hauling a pre-loaded trailer with five golf carts.

The owner advised police that pre-loading a trailer the night before a morning delivery saves a lot of time.

The keys to the Ford F-350 were locked in the office at the time of the theft, the owner added.

The trailer was described as a 2004 Kaufman 24-foot model. Each of the golf carts was valued at $3,500.

The total estimated loss, police said: $47,450.


Posted 8/6/2012