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Fire Department responds to smoking dryer at Dair Queen

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The Chesterton Fire Department responded to the Dairy Queen at 552 Indian Boundary Road on Tuesday, after a dryer at the business started smoking.

Lt. Brandon Smith told the Chesterton Tribune today that firefighters were dispatched to the DQ at 12:35 p.m. and found on their arrival that the business had been evacuated after staff reported a “strange smell” from the dryer.

On its being opened, Smith said, the dryer--which had been filled with rags--started billowing smoke, prompting firefighters to disconnect the machine and remove it from the premises. Firefighters then removed the rags, which promptly started burning and releasing a “putrid odor.”

Smith said that the rags may have been soaked in a cleaning product which reacted to the heat of the dryer.

The CFD ventilated the building, then cleared the scene at 12:55 p.m.


Posted 12/27/2017




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