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Feared police impostor on I65 was a police officer

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The Indiana State Police is reporting that a man feared to be a police impersonator--who stopped a female motorist on I-65 in Lake County on July 8--is in fact a Lake County Sheriff’s Police officer.

According to police, the LCSP officer has confirmed that he did make the stop in question on July 8, at the 249 mile marker in the southbound lanes of I-65. The woman subsequently reported her suspicion that the man who stopped her was not actually a law enforcement officer, as he did not identify himself as a police officer, had no visible sidearm or gun belt, and did not use a flashlight while approaching her.

The LCSP officer, however, further advised the ISP that he did not perform a traffic stop on a different woman in Portage on July 17, after which the woman similarly reported her belief to Portage PD that the man was not a law enforcement officer.


Posted 7/29/2019




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