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En masse shoplifting foiled at Chesterton Kmart

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Four shoplifters appear to have been mostly foiled in their attempt on Thursday to make a big haul from the Kmart on Indian Boundary Road, dumping stolen merchandise as they fled the store, Chesterton Police said.

But they did make good on their escape.

According to police, at 8:58 p.m. an employee observed four female subjects stuffing merchandise into diaper bags and requested security in an announcement over the intercom. The four “heard the overhead announcement” and promptly began removing the merchandise from the bags, then headed for the exit, dropping items from their pockets--underwear and lip gloss--on the way out.

One of the suspects “came in wearing a white jacket with the security tags on it and left the jacket in the women’s section of the store,” police said. “The jacket is the same type of jacket that Kmart sells. The jacket possibly came from a Valparaiso Kmart, where a similar shoplifting incident took place.”

The four then entered a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo and managed to back into a parked car as they fled the scene, police said. They were last seen westbound on Indian Boundary Road.

The suspects were described as black females, with varying builds, one wearing a white jacket, one a black jacket, and one a purple jacket or hooded sweatshirt.

It is unclear whether the four did leave with stolen merchandise and if so what it was.



Posted 11/22/2013