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The Drug Problem in Porter County

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Valparaiso heroin arrest made after foot chase and struggle

Duneland Schools to drug test students based on suspicion

No laughing matter: Use of nitrous oxide an emerging problem here

Secret life of a heroin addict: Manda's Story

Alcohol involved in accident that killed two teenage girls

Editorial: Drugs next door

Drugs' toll: Another mother's story

Parents get tips to keep kids off drugs

Guest Commentary: Life is beautiful without drugs

Guest Commentary: Heroin in Porter County

Voice of the People: Duneland residents open their eyes to drug problem

Porter confronts drug problem and Chesterton is in audience

Conover: Time to end blame game and team to fight county drug problem

What next in Duneland's war on drugs? Discussion begins in Chesterton

Porter Council members attend Chesterton anti-drug meeting

Citizens offer anti-drug ideas

Calls for help from heroin addicts on the rise

Fighting drugs: Mothers' fears, sorrows, regrets

The cost of drug abuse in the US We all pick up the tab

Guest Commentary: Duneland drug problem is bigger than heroin

Police Commission joins arms with council in anti-drug battle

Porter backs fight against drugs

Drug problem taking toll here

Chesterton Council members launch anti-drug campaign

Guest Commentary: Drug addiction: Don't pretend it isn't happening here or to you

Warning sounded about abuse of medications

County Drug Task Force busy in 2003, so were the users

Drug counseling: 'We peddle hope'

'I didn't really care' - Expelled for drugs former CHS student hit rock bottom

Sensation seekers risk lives to feel the illusion of life

The risky business of shooting heroin

Saying No to drugs: How the other half lives

Excerpts from saying no to drugs round table

Addiction: Your brain is in a new state of mind

How to teach children the dangers of addiction

Porter County drug rehab center needed, coalition says

Looking for answers to teen drug use: 'Dreams come back and hopes'

'Every child is savable from drugs'

It is happening here: Duneland drug problem

'Right in front of us' - Father: 'I had absolutely no idea this was going on'

Warning signs of child drug abuse

Second death may be heroin OD

Drug tests made business more efficient, employer tells group

Heroin fatality was former CHS student

Heroin: The killer is here

Adults must set the pace in turning away from drugs

Healing, not punishment, urged for drug users

Duneland community has heroin problem

A matter of labels: An ex-addict's story

Report from the front in the war on drugs

Kevin Nevers wins AP award for 2002 drug coverage