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Drivers told to learn school bus stop arm laws

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The new school year is just around the corner, and the Indiana State Police is reminding motorists to stop for school buses whose stop-arms are deployed.

“There are just over 16,000 school buses on the road in Indiana, and according to the yearly statistics, as the number of school buses on the road has increased, so has the number of school bus stop arm violations,” the ISP said.

The law, according to the ISP: Motorists approaching from any direction a school bus, which is stopped and whose flashing red lights are activated and its stop arm extended, are required to stop, even on multiple lane highways.

Motorists on a highway divided by a barrier or unimproved median--a concrete or cable barrier, say, or a grass median--are required to stop only if they are traveling in the same direction as the school bus. If there is no unimproved median or barrier, then all lanes in all directions must stop.

When approaching a school bus always be prepared to stop and watch for stopped traffic. Disregarding a school bus stop arm is a serious violation and one that school bus drivers are quick to report. Violation of this law is a Class “A” infraction and is punishable by a maximum fine of up to $10,000.

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Posted 8/10/2017




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