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DOC: Fatal fire at State Prison was accidental

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The Indiana State Prison in Michigan City is reporting that the fire which killed an inmate last month appears to have been accidental in origin and electrical in nature.

Joshua Devine, 30, of Indianapolis died on April 9 of thermal burns sustained in his cell.

“The area of origin was along the western wall of the cell in, on, or around the television,” Superintendent Ron Neal said in a statement released on Wednesday. “Due to physical evidence found at the scene and witness accounts, the reasonable probability of an electrical event occurring in the area of origin could not be eliminated as the cause of this fire.”

The State Fire Marshal and the LaPorte County Coroner both suggest in their findings that “the decedent may have been altering electrical equipment in his cell,” the statement said.

Devine was serving a 16-year sentence out of Marion County for attempted robbery. He arrived at the prison in March 2016 and had an estimated release date in July 2023.


Posted 5/4/2017




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