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DNR: Hunter accidentally shoots self in arm in Gary

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A Hammond resident sustained an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound on Sunday, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said.

According to police, at 7:30 a.m. Christopher Morey, 23, was teal hunting in a marsh on private property in the 3300 block of Martin Luther King Drive when he briefly left his hunting spot to retrieve a bottle of water from another hunter, leaving his 12-gauge pump shotgun resting on a mound of vegetation.

When Morey returned, he grasped his shotgun with the muzzle pointing at his left forearm and it’s believed that the gun then discharged when a piece of rigid plant material pulled against its trigger, the DNR said. Morey sustained a close-range gunshot wound to his left forearm caused by No. 7 steel shot pellets.

“It is unknown whether or not the firearm’s safety was on at the time of the incident, but an inspection of the firearm determined it was functional,” the DNR said.

Morey was transported to Methodist Hospital Northlake Campus in Gary, where he underwent surgery, the DNR said.

“Indiana Conservation Officers continue to stress the importance of keeping a firearm’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times,” the DNR added.



Posted 9/25/2017




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