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CPD warns 'Fugitive' players: D'n't trespass on private property

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There’s a new game in town and it’s called “Fugitive.”

The goal: for players designated as “fugitives” to race—within a specified time frame from an identified starting point in town to a finish point without being caught by players designated as “cops.”

“The Chesterton Police Department applauds the effort of this young group to engage in healthy, safe, and responsible activities,” the CPD said in a statement released on Thursday. “This group has taken it upon themselves to promote alternative activities for their peers. The group has even gone so far as to prohibit the use of any mode of transportation other than by foot.”

The CPD, however, wants folks to know a few things about “Fugitive.”

First, neither the CPD nor the Duneland School Corporation is sponsoring or sanctioning it in any way. “The activity is not part of any school or department function, curriculum, or activity.”

Second, players need to respect private property. Although the group’s social media website encourages fugitives to “cut through yards, over fences, on roofs, roads, beaches, woods, etc.,” the CPD takes an altogether different position. “Private property, buildings, fences, roofs, woods, cannot be crossed or violated without the approval of the property owner,” the CPD said. “Even parts of what is conceived as public property cannot be encroached upon. If someone does, and depending on the circumstances, they may be subject to arrest, incarceration, and criminal prosecution for criminal trespass, criminal mischief, or even burglary.”

The CPD is accordingly asking parents to talk to their children and players to be advised of the possible consequences. “Plan your event. Get advance approval for property where you would like to hold your event.”

And the CPD is urging residents to “call any time to report any incidents but especially under these circumstances you can report any trespassers or damage to your property.”




Posted 6/3/2011