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CPD urges fireworks users to comply with Town Code

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The Chesterton Police Department is urging residents to comply with the fireworks ordinance, which is more restrictive than state law.

Under Town Code, it is illegal to discharge fireworks at any time, with these exceptions:

*From June 29 through July 3, only between 5 p.m. until two hours after sunset.

*On July 4, from 10 a.m. until midnight.

*From July 5 through July 9, only between 5 p.m. until two hours after sunset.

The discharge of fireworks during any other times is a violation of Town Code and liable on first violation to a fine of $100.

“The Chesterton Police Department would also like to remind residents that fireworks are dangerous and should only be handled by adults,” the CPD said. “Residents should also be cognizant of surrounding areas when discharging fireworks legally. Fireworks debris can be hot and sparks could ignite fires. Errant fireworks could also cause problems and property damage. Residents should be aware that if they discharge fireworks and property damage occurs, the person discharging the fireworks can be held civilly and criminally responsible for any damage.”

“Finally,” the CPD added, “fireworks residue needs to be cleaned up from the street and public rights-of-way. Debris left in these areas can cause damage to passing vehicles for which the homeowners can be held responsible. Additionally, fireworks debris can wash into and block storm sewers drains, which could result in a $100 Town Code fine for the first offense.”


Posted 7/2/2013