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CPD: Shoplifts nearly $3K in OTC meds from Jewel/Osco

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Within the space of a 30 minutes on Monday, a man succeeded in shoplifting nearly $3,000 worth of over-the-counter allergy and heartburn medication from Jewel/Osco, then attempted but failed to shoplift more than $600 worth of pain relief medication from the CVS, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 10:30 a.m. a male subject accompanied by a female entered the Jewel/Osco, 747 Indian Boundary Road, through the Osco entrance, then proceeded to the pharmacy where for a brief time they disappear from the store’s video surveillance cameras. The man is then seen carrying a large red gift bag, which he begins to fill with boxes of allergy medicine, “placing the bag next to a display in the middle of an aisle.” The man is next seen walking to the heartburn section and adding boxes of various brands of those medications to the bag as well. On filling the bag to capacity, the man begins to “place more boxes in his coat.” At 10:38 a.m. the man leaves the store through the Osco exit, gets in the passenger’s seat of a “dark-colored smaller SUV,” and flees the scene.

Police said that Osco employees later discovered the theft after noticing “how bare the heartburn and allergy shelves were.”

An inventory subsequently determined that the man stole 104 separate packages of Prilosec, Claritin, Allegra, Culturelle, Zyrtec, Imodium, Nexium, Rogaine, and Flonase, among other medications, with a total value of $2,983.44.

Then, at 10:54 a.m. the store manager at CVS, 505 E. 1100N, observed a male subject placing bottles of pain relief medication in a purple bag. The manager advised police that he approached the subject and offered to take his bag to the front counter for him. At this point the subject headed for the exit--calling the manager a “racist”--and was seen entering the passenger’s side of a black Kia Sportage parked in the lot. The Sportage then left the scene, westbound on 1100N, northbound on Ind. 49.

The purple bag was found to contain eight bottles of Bayer, five of Motrin, six of Advil, and three of Aleve, with a total value of $604.

The suspect was described as a white male in his late twenties, 5’ 10’’ to 6’ 0’’ in height, with a buzz hair cut and blond strip on the front of his head, wearing a black padded coat, ripped blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. Police said that the license plate on the Sportage returned to Hertz Vehicles LLC in DesPlanes, Ill.

Police said that “the male on video from Jewel/Osco is the same male who attempted to steal items from the CVS” and added that the “vehicle also matches the description given by the manager at CVS.”


Posted 2/13/2019





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