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CPD salary raises praised as 47 apply for patrol officer position

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The raises which the Chesterton Town Council granted to police officers in April have evidently had a salutary effect on the CPDs hiring prospects.

As Police Chief Dave Cincoski reported to the Police Commission at its meeting last week, he now has 47 qualifying applications in hand, 12 of them graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, eight of them from sworn officers currently serving with other departments and seeking a lateral-transfer hire.

Those 47 compare to only seven applications received during the last hiring process, late in 2017. "This is great news," Cincoski said.

Member Mike Orlich concurred. "To have 47 qualifying applications is just great and I hope the Town Council see what a positive impact those wage increases have had."

"The veil has been lifted," Member Pete Duda added. "We are viable."

All municipal employees received raises in April: for those not in the Police Department, the bump was an across-the-board 4 percent. Police officers, on the other hand, received scaled raises: probationary officers, 10.65 percent; second-class officers, 9.45 percent; first-class officers, 20.75 percent; corporals, 16.54 percent; sergeants; 12.42 percent; lieutenants, 8.83 percent; the assistant chief, 2.4 percent; and the chief, 4 percent.

The idea behind the CPD bumps: to bring the Chesterton Police Departments wages more in line with those paid by other departments in the "market area," and thus make the CPD more marketable for prospective hires.

Handicapped Parking Request

In other business, members voted unanimously to approve a residents request for a designated handicapped parking space in front of her home in the 600 block of West Morgan Ave., across the street from Chesterton Middle School, whose teachers use that on-street parallel parking area during the school day. Cincoski told members that there is seldom space immediately in front of the womans residence to park her handicapped accessible van.

Cincoski added that he did tell the resident that the handicapped space is a public one and may be used by anyone whose vehicle properly displays a handicapped tag.

Signage will be erected and the street striped accordingly by the Street Department, Cincoski said.

Street Closure Request

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to approve the request of the Open Bible Church, 1401. W. Porter Ave., to close South 14th Street between West Porter Ave. and Jefferson Ave. from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday, June 24, for an open house event.

Cincoski said that the street would be used chiefly for parking and as a safety zone for children. All vehicles on 14th Street will be parked in such a way as to be able to move them quickly, and no residents driveway will be blocked, he added.

The Street Department will supply the church with barricades for the closure, but church staff will be responsible for placing and later removing them.

Bulletproof Vest Grant

Cincoski also reported that, with the Town Councils approval, he has submitted the CPDs application for a U.S. Department of Justice grant which would pay for half the cost of next years re-supply of bulletproof vests: $6,100.

Cincoski noted that under law the CPD is required to issue all officers a properly warrantied bulletproof vest. A vests warranty, however, expires after five years, necessitating its replacement.

May in Review

In May the CPD responded to 637 calls (580 in April), filed 70 cases (61), issued 60 citations and 22 warnings (38 and 36), and investigated 35 accidents with 12 injuries (35 accidents with six injuries).

Calls for service in May included one report of shoplifting (one in April), 96 suspicious vehicles or persons (87), seven incidents of vandalism (four), 35 alarms (39), four animal complaints (one), 148 traffic stops (138), 16 well-being checks (13), five reports of battery (two), three burglaries (three), 30 disturbances (26), seven reports of fraud (four), one motor vehicle theft (three), one runaway (four), and one report of a sex offense (zero).



Posted 6/18/2018




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