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CPD report new phony check scam: The Car Wrap

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Chesterton Police are reporting a scam brought to the department’s attention by a vigilant resident.

According to police, the resident late last month reported that he’d received an unsolicited text message inviting him to have his vehicle “wrapped” by Circo Vodka. In return for his vehicle’s advertising the product, the resident would receive a weekly check as well as an upfront payment of $500.

The resident played along, police said, and subsequently received an overnight package containing a check in the amount of $1,950 and instructions to deposit it into his account, keep $500, and use the balance to pay the wrapping service, which would send a technician to his home.

On taking the check to his bank, the resident was advised the check was phony. His next stop was the CPD, in the hope that “by providing his account it may make the newspaper and save a potential victim from becoming involved in a similar scheme.”


Posted 4/6/2018




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