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CPD: Realtor accused of rent-to-own on homes later foreclosed

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Two different Dunelanders on Tuesday filed complaints with the Chesterton Police Department about a realtor who, they said, signed them to “rent-to-own” agreements, then put them in houses which they were later told were in foreclosure.

According to police, a Liberty Township woman advised that in November 2010 she signed a rent-to-own agreement with the realtor for a residence in the 200 block of Talon Drive. Under that agreement, the woman made monthly payments of $1,610.25 to the realtor. Then, at some later time not specified in the CPD report, she began receiving notices “that the house was in foreclosure.”

The woman tried to contact the realtor but “he would not return her calls or e-mails,” she advised.

The woman moved out of the house in September 2013.

She reported a financial loss of $40,000.

A few hours later on Tuesday, a Porter man gave the CPD essentially the same story about the same realtor. In January 2008 he began to rent a home--for $1,200 a month--in the 600 block of 23rd Street, after signing a rent-to-own agreement with the realtor.

More than two years later, in April 2010, the man was notified by the Porter County Sheriff’s Police “that the property was foreclosed and that he had to leave immediately.”

The man reported a financial loss of $20,000.

Both reports have been forwarded to the CPD’s Detective Bureau for further investigation.



Posted 3/19/2014




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