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CPD: Mystery damage to vehicle on South Calumet Road

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Chesterton Police don’t know what dented a vehicle’s trunk and shattered its window as its driver was traveling on South Calumet Road on Monday.

According to police, at 3:56 p.m. the driver--a Monticello, Ind., resident--had just left the Westchester Public Library and was southbound on South Calumet Road, near the intersection of Indiana Ave., when he heard a “loud ‘popping’ noise.” The driver pulled into a nearby parking lot and saw that “the back window to the vehicle was broken out and the center of the trunk was dented in.”

The driver very specifically advised the investigating officer that there had been no damage to the vehicle when he left the library, no other vehicles in the area, no foreign objects located inside the vehicle, and no overhanging tree limbs, police said.

Officers “went to the library parking lot and checked the route that (the driver) took from the library,” police said. “There were no overhanging tree limbs in the area.”

“Due to the circumstances it is unknown what caused the vehicle damage,” police said.

Police estimated damage at under $1,000.


Posted 1/20/2017




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