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CPD: Motorcyclist flees at 100 mph

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A Chesterton resident is facing possible charges of resisting law enforcement and reckless driving after Chesterton Police said that he fled an officer on his motorcycle at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour on Saturday.

According to police, at 11:27 p.m. an officer on patrol observed a man on a motorcycle exit the Hooligan’s parking lot on Plaza Drive at a high rate of speed, then fail to signal his right turn onto southbound Ind. 49. The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the motorcyclist “accelerated rapidly in a reckless manner” near East Porter Ave., disregarding the officer’s activated lights and siren, police said.

Further south, around 1100N, the officer lost sight of the motorcyclist--who by this point was traveling at approximately 120 miles per hour--and other officers responding to the pursuit were unable to locate him after he entered the Indiana Toll Road, police said.

But officers did subsequently find a motorcycle, still “hot to the touch,” parked upright at the crossover at mile marker 26.3, police said.

Further investigation at Hooligan’s produced the name of a suspect, a BMV photo of whom strongly resembled the motorcyclist observed by the officer on patrol, police said, an identification later confirmed by video surveillance footage provided by the bar.

That officer later made contact with the suspect, who admitted being at Hooligan’s but proved reluctant to say directly that he had been operating the motorcycle in question.

The man “wanted to know how I would write my narrative and if I could request misdemeanor charges instead of felony resisting law enforcement charges,” the officer stated in his report. The man “made mention that he has been a criminal in the past and is very reluctant to say anything that would threaten his freedom. He also attempted to bargain with me, telling me that he would tell me what I wanted to hear if I could write my case report in a way that would benefit him.”

Then, in a second interview, the man admitted that he had been operating the motorcycle, had wanted to test it’s capabilities, had gotten it up to around 70 mph, and then decided “to ‘blaze up’ and took off at a ‘ridiculous speed,’” the officer stated in his report. The man also admitted to hearing the officer’s siren and seeing other officers’ squads with their emergency lights activated, prompting him to flee on the Toll Road because he “did not want to go to jail for something stupid,” the officer stated.

The CPD has forward the report to the Porter County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.

Posted 7/3/2013