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CPD: Man shoots raccoon in town limits

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A Chesterton resident is suspected of having discharged a firearm within town limits--in violation of local ordinance--to kill a raccoon on Friday, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 7 a.m. a resident of the 300 block of Wren Court, in the Duneland Cove subdivision, reported hearing gunshots and, on looking out the window, seeing a man walking through her neighbor’s back yard while holstering a black handgun.

Investigating officers spoke with the woman’s neighbor, who initially denied knowing anything about the incident, then admitted that he had another neighbor shoot a raccoon which he had previously live-trapped. The man’s neighbor fired six shots and killed the raccoon, which the man buried in a wooded area.

Officers then attempted to speak with the man’s neighbor, who proved uncooperative, police said. “I asked the male subject what his name was and he stated ‘I’m an attorney, I’ll ask the questions! I want you to leave my property,’” the investigating officer stated in her report. “I again asked him what his name was and told him I was in the middle of an investigation and had a legal right to be on his property. The subject then said ‘I’m not answering your questions, I have to go to work,’ then shut the door.”

A Porter County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney subsequently advised officers that probably the only charge which could be filed against the man who shot the raccoon is discharging a firearm within town limits, unless it could be proved that “the shots were fired at an angle which endangered others.”

The report was forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.


Posted 5/21/2013