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CPD Man points gun at girlfriend on Portage Ave

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Chesterton and Porter police officers responded to a residence on Portage Ave. early Thanksgiving morning, after a man there reportedly pointed a handgun at his girlfriend and battered her father.

The incident ended peacefully, after the man--ordered by loud speaker to leave the house unarmed--did so and surrendered himself to officers.

Zachary A. Blakley, 25, of 1413 Portage Ave., was arrested on charges of pointing a weapon and battery, Chesterton Police said.

According to police, at 1:15 a.m. Blakley’s girlfriend reported that, in the course of an argument which began at the Upper Deck, Blakley grabbed her 9mm handgun from the dresser in the bedroom and pointed it--still holstered but loaded with a round chambered--at her chest.

At that point his girlfriend’s mother called her husband, who arrived at the scene just as Blakley was attempting to leave in a vehicle, police said. The girlfriend’s father managed to take from Blakley his car keys, prompting Blakley to push the father “aggressively in the shoulder” and place “his hand around (the father’s) throat in a rude and unwanted manner,” police said.

Blakley then went back into the residence alone and shortly thereafter officers arrived at the scene. Using a squad car’s loud speaker, they instructed him to “relinquish any weapons and exit the front door of the residence with his hands visible,” which Blakley did.

Blakley, for his part, advised the officers that he “‘blacked out’ and couldn’t remember what actually occurred,” although he did acknowledge knowing that his girlfriend’s handgun “was always loaded with ammunition in the magazine and a round chambered” and that it “regularly sits on the bedroom dresser and was readily accessible,” police said.

Blakley also stated that, in the confrontation with his girlfriend’s father, he “ended up on the ground with his life being threatened,” police said.

Blakley was transported to Porter County Jail. No one was injured in the incident, police said.



Posted 11/29/2016




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