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CPD impounds suspect vehicle in American Legion hit-and-run

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Chesterton Police have seized a vehicle suspected to have been involved in a hit-and-run accident which damaged the American Legion monument sign on Friday, June 30.

According to police, at 7:24 a.m. that day a Westchester Public Library employee driving a van arrived on station to report the crash. He gave this account of the incident: he’d been westbound on Wabash Ave. when he observed a greenish-gray vehicle approaching him eastbound on Wabash Ave., “all over the road.”

The WPL employee, fearing his van might be struck, pulled into the parking lot of the old Westchester Lanes, where he watched the driver of the oncoming vehicle cross the center line and hit the American Legion Post 170’s monument sign. The driver of that vehicle then “came across to (the WPL employee’s) location,” striking the van as well, before turning around in the parking lot and continuing eastbound on Wabash Ave.

The WPL employee followed the suspect vehicle through town--from North Fourth Street across Broadway, West Indiana Ave., West Morgan Ave., onto Lincoln Ave., then onto South Fifth Street, across West Porter Ave., and finally onto Oakwood Drive--where he lost sight of the vehicle.

As soon as the WPL employee turned onto Oakwood Drive, he was unable to see the vehicle, giving him reason to believe that the driver had turned right onto northbound Sixth Street. The employee then turned right himself, where he observed a male subject “walking out of a garage.”

This information the WPL employee provided to the CPD. Officers responded to the garage in question, through whose window they were able to observe a grayish passenger vehicle with extensive damage, police said. No one at the residence answered their knocks, however, and the officers subsequently obtained a warrant to enter the garage and seize the vehicle in question, police said.

At 10:30 a.m. that day, warrant in hand, officers forced entry to the garage and impounded the vehicle. “No one came out of the house, although there was a figure moving around inside,” police said. “He/she could be seen through the window (though not well enough for identification).”

As of Wednesday, July 5, no one had contacted the CPD about the impounded vehicle, police said, and further attempts to make contact with the vehicle’s registered owner as well as with the residents of the home have been unsuccessful.


Posted 7/10/2017





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